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Equine Products


Non-slip/Cushioning/Seamless/Hygienic/Guaranteed/Cost Effective

Developed in New Zealand, and available throughout Australasia, our proven, quality safety products are the best on the market. Fully Seamless, Permanent and of good thickness, your matting is made on site by professional owner/operators, who take the utmost pride in their workmanship and give a full guarantee.

As our matting is “not” hard pressed, the full elasticity of the rubber is available, insuring your horse/s gets the most comfort, and security available. The standard thickness of our matting is 12-15mm which we have found ideal for most our clients applications, (a mat to thin means slipping and no comfort, a mat to thick can cause leg problems). Being completely sealed using our specially designed durable sealer, dung/urine cannot get through the mat, therefore it is very hygienic. Our matting is tailor-made for each individual client, so there is no unnecessary wastage, (you only pay for what you use). Cutting down noise levels to zero makes a big difference on the stress levels, especially in breeze/walk ways, just another reason to invest in our matting.

Applications were our matting should be used including any other hazardous areas are: Horse Transport/Stables/Crush Areas/Walkways/Vet Rooms/Tie-ups/Dry & Aqua Walkers/Wash bays, etc.

As of mid 2010 we have completed 60 Horse Walkers with excellent results. We are fully mobile throughout both countries, and intend to grow our business throughout Australia as we have in New Zealand.

Just a few of our Clients:

  • Sunshine Coast Turf Club (Queensland Racing) - Australia - 8 Horse Walkers
  • Rockhampton Racecourse - Australia - Tunnel Walkway/Horse Walker
  • Cambridge Stud - NZ - Horse Walker
  • Graeme Saunders - NZ - Horse Walker/Tie Ups
  • Ellerslie Racecourse -NZ - Parade Area/Tie Up Walkways
  • Addington Racecourse - NZ - Tie Up Walkways
  • The Oaks Stud - NZ - Walkways/Stables/Vet & Blacksmith Rooms
  • Matamata Veterinary Services - NZ - Vet Room
  • Yandina Lodge - Australia - Horse Walker/Aqua Walker
  • Matt Williams - Australia - Aqua Walker
  • Finnis Lodge - SA, Australia