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Sore feet & Slipping a Problem?

With your livelihood at stake, it is crucial to ensure you protect your income, and with animal health playing a major part in expenses, we are committed in continuing to produce durable, cushioning matting that helps prevent sore feet, and slipping in any application.

SRS have been specialising in SEAMLESS SEALED Rubber Matting in the Agricultural & Equine Industries since 1998, we manufacture/install throughout New Zealand. Our matting is made on site and it does not require anchors to hold it down, which can cause problems if they lift out or move. Because this is a permanent seamless product your problems with matting moving and becoming un-hygienic through waste getting trapped underneath will be eliminated. You will also find with the noise level reduced stock will be more settled and less stressed.

Tailor made for each individual client with no wastage, our matting system is used widely by leading Dairy Shed Builders.

- Entry & Exits Ways                        - Rotary Platforms
- Pit & Workstation Areas               - Crush Areas
- Exit Races & Yards                        - Deer Sheds & Yards

We give a full guarantee, travel throughout New Zealand and pride ourselves in our personal and professional service.